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This is Haiku Guitar web site for USA market.  Haiku Guitars make reincarnation of popular vintage American guitars from the 1950's and 1960's, in both standard scale and previously unavailable scales.  Haiku Guitars is inspired by the early pioneers of Japanese guitar business, by the late 70's/beginning 1980's methods were perfected.  Haiku Guitars are hand-crafted in Korea and exported to USA where they are tested and receive a set up.  Each guitar is individually numbered.  We hope you like our attention to detail and the tone and easy playing that only a Haiku has.

Haiku guitars for US market are now hand crafted one at a time in our Korea custom shop.  This result in lower price while retaining the high level of quality Haiku is known for.  Haiku after market pickups for US market are still made in the Japan shop.  The 475-EFX with built in effects is built in Korea custom shop with the effects being installed in US custom shop by a tech with 30 year experience. 
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